Francesco’s new recording, featuring Debussy’s complete Préludes, has been released on Naïve, his third recording on the French label.

Though widely renowned for his interpretations of Mozart works, Francesco’s pianism and sensibility has close affinity with the Préludes, which he has included regularly and to great acclaim in recital programmes. Talking about the music, he commented: “[Debussy]’s works challenge the performer in myriad ways: they are technically demanding, but in addition to virtuosic pianism, Debussy requires an equally virtuosic handling of colours, shading and character. In 20th century music, this is not always a matter of course.”

In the press, Francesco’s performances of the Préludes have often been mentioned as the evening’s highlights: “his playing took the breath away. He combined the black and white notes of Brouillards to create soft grey tonalities, and went on to dazzle us with a wonderful range of effects in which a flawless technique was put to the service of some very original interpretations” (Michael Church, Independent), while another review wrote “Francesco Piemontesi, at 30 a fully fledged master, played four Debussy Préludes in a manner to rival Pollini’s” (International Piano)

Francesco’s recording is based on a new edition of the Préludes by Durand-Salabert-Eschig, co-directed by renowned French piano music scholar Roy Howat, who also wrote the liner notes for the CD. The recording is dedicated to Francesco’s teacher and mentor, pianist Cécile Ousset, who first introduced him to the music and advised during the recording process.

The recording will be released on the 9 October in France, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain and Italy, and digitally worldwide; it will be available from 23 October in Germany and Austria, 30 October in the UK, and 13 November in the United States. Purchase the recording here.

V5415 K Debussy Piemontesi