Everybody has already received it, my managers, my pr agency, even amazon received it though they are not allowed to sell it yet. I seem to be the only one to whom the package has not been delivered. The package from Naïve with the first batch of my new Mozart CD.

Since I live in the country of greatest possible efficiency (hard to forget – I’m constantly told so since I moved here), I can hardly imagine this being caused by a lack of efficiency. Well, I must admit that the post office in charge at Torstraße is usually not known for its high effectiveness; rather for its illustrious clients. I already met Arvo Pärt and Jonathan Meese there. Perhaps the funny contemporary aesthetics of both have noxiously influenced this post office? That would at least explain following incident:

Yesterday I found an official letter from Deutsche Post in my postbox, telling me that my Mozart-package cannot be delivered since the address the package was addressed to did not exist. This letter, however, was addressed and delivered to exactly the same address. That’s at least the only thinkable reason why I found it in my post box.

In attempting to explain to the postal clerk at Torstraße why this is a paradox, the suspicion crept over me that the post office perhaps was not influenced by Arvo Pärt, but Pärt might be under the influence of this post office. Perhaps a similar experience has inspired him to his composition “mirror in mirror”. Or maybe he found the idea to “annum per annum” there while waiting in line. After I dragged the package up in my apartment which does not exist, I can at least say one thing for sure and without any modesty: It’s really weighty. The release dates are:

UK March 17
Italy March 17
Germany April 11
France April 14

As a foretaste you can listen to the first movement of the f major Sonata K533 here, or watch this video with an excerpt from the recording session!